I am Janice. 

So good to see you here. Let's talk! 

I grow up in Jiaxing (a city near Shanghai, China ) and then my family moved to Melbourne in Australia for a couple of years. I got my bachelor’s degree in San Diego, and now I am in Chicago. Having this opportunity of living in all sorts of places with different cultures, I am consistently observing and empathizing with people, community, and the environment around me. So I am always being aware of everything which gives me a sense of being and presenting.

As a user experience designer with a background in Cognitive science, I believe in human-centered design approach and I create research-based designs.  I also bring the philosophy of being aware and mindful into my design. I design for awareness, not for addiction. As everything is so fast today, I believe design should provide a way to self-reflection, self-discovery and personal growth. I also believe that digital designs should always have a human touch that brings the friction of communication and interaction between real human beings into the experience. 


Here are some teams I have worked with: 


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