Hi, I'm Janice

I'm a human-centered designer. I create research-based designs that meet people's functional and emotional needs.

Starbucks China

Client Project | UX/UI Design

Redesign the reward program and member info of Starbucks' mobile app (under NDA).

K12 UX Designer

Summer Internship

Migrated and expanded the existing design system for K12.

Design for Scalability


Client Project | User Research | UX/UI Design 

A points-collecting based donation function embedded in food delivery apps .

Design for Social Impact
Client Project | User Research | Product Design 

A new skincare package design that helps customers to have proper usage (under NDA)


UX/UI Design | User Research

A new real-time "lifeguard" system that helps connect lifeguards and beachgoers.

Drive-thru Experience


User Research | Service Design

A new experience of the ordering process in fast food restaurants drive-thru.  

Design for Efficiency

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